Get to know the Earring

Our newest product are earrings! Perfect for those mommy and me sets or even just to rock on their own. Because everyone deserves to feel beautiful! 
The earrings are also named after our rescues and personal cats. Here is a little about each.
The Quinn Earring: Available in 3 sizes-layered or single. Named after a tortie foster kitten. 

 The Bane Earring: A lovely oval shaped earring. This shape is named after the sister of Quinn, whom is also a tortie.

The Desi drop: A classic shape. Named after our beautiful solid black foster with a poofy tail. 

The Pear Drop: Pear was a foster that I bottle fed. She has since been adopted into a wonderful home!

The Starla: A beautiful shape named after our foster girl Star. 


The Lola: currently available in a cutout, mini, and a medium solid shape. Named after one of our foster kittens. 


The Veronica: My personal favorite earring shape. Named after our tortie girl that I bottle fed.


The Carlie: A delightful shaped earring named after a foster mama cat.