Get to know the Bow

A little bit about each bow offered by Laura Lee Designs.

My husband and I rescue and foster cats. Every bow style is named after one of our cats, fosters, childhood cats, cats belonging to family members, or other beloved family pets. This makes each bow style incredibly meaningful! I do my best to keep my studio a cat free zone, and screen very carefully for cat hair before shipping and do not allow the kitties on the products. 


The Amelia Bow: named after a feral tortie kitten I caught at 8 weeks old and tamed up. Comes in 2 sizes: regular (3.5") and large stacked (approximately 4")


The Annie Bow: one of the most unique bows offered by LLD! Named after a tortie my mom rescued a few years ago.


The Athena Bow: A dainty little twist bow perfect for any occasion. Named after our gorgeous silver tabby. 


The Bonnie Bow: A lovely little pinch bow. Named after a solid black rescue kitty my mom saved.


The Doom Bat Bow: This little creature only comes around for Halloween, but its certainly one you'll want to own! Named after my gorgeous solid black girl that was named by my nephew.


Elegant Clips: Handmade resin clips


The Emmy bow: One of the original bows in the LLD lineup. Named after my sassy girl Emma. Approximately 2.5".


The Glitter Headband: Perfect for those older girls or to throw on in a hurry.


The Georgie Bow: A simple and classy bow shape. Available in regular (3.5") and mini (2") sizes. Named after our special orange boy George.


The Herra Bow: The Herra is the largest bow in the LLD line up at approximately 5x3". Named after our majestic solid black boy, Bagherra. 



The Izzy Bow: Available in stacked or classic styles and is 3.5". Named after a main coone that lives at my parents house that we rescued when I was a teen. 


The Julia bow style: named after a sweet little tux foster kitten. The Julia style comes in large (5"), small (3") and the headwrap (with the large bow).


The Lucy bow: named after a very unusual lynx point Siamese kitten we rescued from my mom's feral colony years ago.


The Marlee Bow: Named after my yorkie poodle rescue pup. It comes in one size (3") and is a darling sailor style bow.


The Martha Bow: Available in regular and mini sizes. Named after a stunning long haired solid black cat my mom rescued from her feral colony.


The Margo Bow: Introduced this spring and quickly becoming a fan favorite. Named after a sweet tux girl at my mom's feral colony. Comes in 2 sizes: mini (2.5") and regular (3.5").



The Millie Bow: named after an unique tabby girl that ended up as a foster fail. This style comes in two sizes: regular (3.5") and little (3").


The Molly Bow: named after a dainty little tux rescue of my parents. Comes in mini (2.5") and regular (3.5")sizes.


The Fancy Molly bow: the same Molly style you love but with an added flair on top. Only available in the regular Molly size.


The Nea Bow: Named after a kitten that I rescued off the side of the road in Louisiana. She now lives with my Aunt and Uncle. Available in three sizes: classic (3.5"), skinny (3.5") and mini (2.5").


The Pippy Bow: A teeny little pipsqueak of a bow that is perfect for piggies! It is approximately 2".  Available in stacked or classic. The baby sister bow of the Izzy and Winnie bows. Named after a calico foster kitten that I bottle fed.  


The Pixie Bow: The smallest bow in the LLD line up. Perfect on a nylon for newborns, as a single, or as piggies. Named after another one of my bottle baby fosters, a sweet little tux girl.


The Remi Bow: Available in stacked and classic in both the regular (3.5") or mini (2.5") size. The very fist stacked bow in the LLD lineup. Named after our tux girl, Remington, or Remi for short. She was rescued from my mom's feral colony. 


The Rosie Bow: The second largest bow in the LLD lineup at 4.5". Named after a senior kitty in my mom's feral colony. 


The Sabrina bow: named after 2 of our rescue kitties. One a solid black girl that we now call Beans. The other a light gray tabby that is blind in one eye that is now named Blueberry (Blue for short). This bow is available in teeny (under 2"), teeny piggies, mini (2.5"), mini piggies, small (3"), medium (3.5"), and large (4"). In both Classic and stacked styles.


The Sasha bow: named after my in-laws kitty that they adopted from their local shelter. Available in regular (3.5") and mini (2.5").


The Siren Bow: The most unique bow in the LLD lineup. Its the Annie with some added flair. Named after a tortie kitten I found years ago, screaming in a parking lot at 6 weeks old. (formerly known as the Gypsy bow style)


The Timber bow: Available in various fabrics, including gorgeous handtied velvet. Named after my shadow kitty that I've had since she was found at 5 weeks old. Timber was a foster fail after she was adopted and returned a month later. 


The Winnie Bow: available in stacked and classic, both 3". This bow is the little sister of the Izzy bow. Named after a foster that was pulled from a shelter with a fatal virus. This amazingly sweet girl will forever live in my heart. 


Sugar Clips: Alligator clips with teeth, approximately 2". Perfect for those wispy bits of hair that are hard to tame. Named after our most recent addition to the family, Sugar Bear. Sugar Bear is a tortie Manx my husband found at 3 weeks old with a humongous personality. 


Snap Clips: fabric lined snaps are perfect for pulling a little hair back on the side or tucking those stray hairs up under your messy bun. Perfect for mom and littles! These are approximately 2".


Scallop snap clips: dainty little scallop edged clips that come in small (2") and large (3").



Custom name clips: large elegant sugar clips custom made with your choice of glitter and name (up to 8 letters).



Icecream cone clips: these only come out occasionally but are super cute and fun for summer!