IVF Fundraiser SALE

--I am going to be very open and share something incredibly personal going on in my life right now. Please be kind because this is something very hard for me to share and it's taken a huge toll mentally. For about 4 years now we have been struggling to conceive and have finally reached a stage in our lives where we have to do IVF to try and add a baby to our family. We have been saving and have insurance, but I am worried about a lot of out-of-pocket costs we were not initially aware of- like medications and all lab work with our clinic being out of pocket. Before we can start each stage we have to have 100% of the money up front. Everything in this section is 50% off (this will be reflected once you add items from this section to your cart) to help us raise funds to go towards our IVF journey. I want to thank everyone that has been supporting my little shop over the years. You guys have kept me going. Creating new goodies for you all has been my saving grace over the last few years. It has helped me get lost in the moment making new things and helped relieve stress of everything happening.

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